The Best Time Of the Year to paint The Exterior of your House


Why choose The Best Time?

well every thing present on this earth has a particular allocated time wherein it does splendidly well, whatever sector it be, whether it be in Agriculture or manufacturing and besides you would need the best of everything working hand in hand to ensure that you come out with the very best result.

A totally Fresh paint job can remodel the look of your house. In fact, it’s one of the most cost-effective remodeling jobs you can do, it gives you more for less unlike other remodeling plans that take the dough directly off your pocket with less result, But so long as you select the right painting contractor that specializes in quality Production of Paints and hand painting you can comfortably relax and be sure that your work is in the hand of professionals and would be handled with every professionalism possible.  Here’s why you need to pick the best time of year to paint the exterior of your house.

a) To avoid Rain Interaction/interruption with the painting

b) To give the Paint chemicals the ambient temperature to harmonize and produce effective result, exterior Paints are believed to need a 50 degree temperature to do well.

c) Dry time for paints



Waiting For the Right Weather

We advice and we implement the right weather Painting stratagem when ever our clients give us the go ahead to do things our way, well here\’s why, Exterior paints need an ambiance of 50 degrees to do extremely well and last for a long time,  when you apply them within the right weather condition a longer lasting effect is expected.

The right weather, should be when the rains have totally gone, late June, and when paint or repainting is done at this time of the year it is easier to get a good result.

NB: we are not trying to say that painting done within the rainy season wont be provide good result or be world class model, no that is not the point, we are just trying to get you familiar with the most favored time for painting and why.

Warm weather is the Right weather.

Summer is the Right Weather

Dry Season is The Right Weather

it’s important to paint at a time when weather conditions are consistent and temperatures don’t vary significantly overnight or from day to day. Since the weather can change from year to year, contact your local painting contractor to assess conditions.

Don\’t Back Down On Quality.


A typical exterior house painting job lasts for 10 years at the least, before minor issue start coming up, but quality hand painting can last for Over 15 years. The most trusted painting contractors in Nigeria don’t skimp on quality. Instead, they take the necessary time to do the job right. This means taking additional time up front to scrape, sand, and prime your home’s exterior prior to painting. They also know the difference between latex, oil, and acrylic exterior paints and can help you choose the right type and color to make your home’s exterior shine for years to come.Painting your home’s exterior requires experience, skill, and dedication, so be sure to call an experienced painting contractor to do the job right the first time.  start planning your home’s new look today.


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