The Showers Paint Contract warranty binding us to serve you better.

\"\"Anytime you decide to undertake a major expense such as repainting a building or giving it a first time coat {Painting} Showers paint gives you the confidence to feel relaxed and confident that some one would be there to help you out in case you run into problems or Unforeseen circumstances or more simply said if something goes wrong.

We take great pride and care in customer satisfaction and job excellence, However, in an unlikely (one in a million chances) event that there is a problem with a Contract job we handled for you, you will be able to call us and have the problem corrected with little or no stress.


This warranty is Subject and binding only to the limitations set forth below, for a period of 36 months that is to say a period of  3 years from the date your contract was closed or carried out, Showers Paint will repair cracking, peeling or chipping paint resulting from defective workmanship. (This clause is not binding in events where  supply of paint products is only made, but is binding in conditions where a contract to Supply company Products and use of company workmanship has been employed.

For this warranty to be legally binding and  effective, The customer must:

  • Retain in his custody a copy of the original contract duly signed by the contract manager and the customer at exact and appropriate points.
  • Present evidence that all payments have been made in full upon completion, in situations where the full payment was not made at the commencement of contractual agreement the warranty will not hold.
  • Contact Showers paint by phone, at +2348136656462 so that we can arrange for an inspection of your property, explain the nature and extent of the covered repairs and plan for performing on the needed work.
  • Make sure the property accessible to us at all times to facilitate easy repairs

When these Conditions are satisfied Showers Paint Intergl0bal will:

  • Perform all of the covered repairs at no cost to the customer
  • Perform any covered repairs to surface preparation as described in original contract.
  • Perform any covered repairs on specific areas where cracking, peeling and/or chipping has occurred. An exact color match cannot be assured, but a match percentage of up to 98% will be given to the repaired area.  The 1% color disparity is as a result of environmental conditions that can affect paint color over time.

What the Warranty does NOT cover:

  • Any work where Showers Paint did not supply the paint materials as well as take up responsibility of total workmanship
  • Any work which was not performed by Showers Paint or where a non-employee of Showers Paint  has attempted to do surface preparation.
  • Water intrusion detection or elimination or damage caused not as a result of poor workmanship { of company employee} or defective surface preparation
  • Where there is paint peeling that is a result of moisture intrusion. Properly applied paint will peel, usually to bare wood, in areas where the substrate is exposed to a large amount of moisture.
  • Any paint bubbling.
  • Any horizontal surface or any surface that is the result of a structural design that permits moisture to collect. This includes, but is not limited to decks, railings, stairs and porches.
  • Varnished or natural finished wood surfaces.
  • We will not be responsible for exact matching of existing colors or textures. Neither can we guarantee that the finish paint samples you selected will exactly match the finish coating.
  • The appearance of mildew, mold, or any other environmental conditions as a result of leakage in the building
  • The appearance of cracks due to earthquakes or ground movement.


Technical Answers To why Our Contract Budget for two Customers may not be the same

The cost and pricing we place on a contract is usually determined by the level of thoroughness, attention to detail, and quality needed to get the work/building to a superb level of job done. some building may require a little more attention while other buildings would require a lot lesser.

It costs more to properly prepare a surface for painting than to just pressure clean and scrape the surface. The majority of the cost of painting is in the surface preparation and the labor involved in the application of the paint and not the actual cost of the paint itself. As with most other industries, generally you get what you pay for.

The price of our company products remain static and unmoving but for contract agreements a special rundown would be allowed.


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