The Showers Paint Employee Appreciation Post


Today being Friday The fifth of march in the year 2021 the world Employee Appreciation Day is upon us and This day has taken on a newfound importance over the past decade plus Months, This special Importance being as a result of  the struggles workers went through during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This  holiday (The employee Appreciation Day/Holiday) has always been celebrated on the first Friday in March, it began in the year 1995 as a way to thank employees for Their tireless contribution throughout the year and as a result encourage deeper ties between workers and their organizations.

Showers Paint Inter global Resources would not miss a Day as this to celebrate every one of its workers who have contributed in One way or the other towards the raising of this monumental and ground breaking organization. without your help we would not have done it, without your contributions to the growth and stability of this company we would not be where we are today.

Today in full capital Letters we want to clearly state out that we APPRECIATE!

The unity has been wonderful, the purposeful Advancement and ground breaking exploits You all made it Possible and without you it would never have been.

  • To Mr. Moses  Our Quality control specialist we say a big thank you, for what you have done with the department and what you have continued to do.
  • To Mr. Francis Our head Painters unit We say a big tremendous wet thank you, for the way you have handled your department and the people who follow you, we are really grateful.
  • To Mrs Chukwuere who has been such a wonderful plug, taking charge of customer relationships with such expertise that we are just short of words and left with only the ability to sit and absorb in awe, we say a very big fat thank you.
  • To Our Publicity Co ordinator who has done wonderfully well  Chukwuemeka S. we say a very big thank you.
  • To our IT Students we love the input You bring to the team and we keep Saying thank you very much and we love you.
  • To Mrs. I. Maria Head and Director of The NGO arm of Showers paint- The Showers foundation we say a very big thank you for handling our charity outlet so well.

The corona virus has left a huge dent mark on so many Businesses and left most of Enterprise schedules boring, but we will get through this together and with wonderful employees such as you all it would surely not be long.

The List of our entire staff may not be mentioned in Details here but we really Appreciate every little effort put into growing this brand.

From The Chief Executive Officer                                                              General Branch Co ordinator

Stephen Okonkwo                                                                                                    Israel Steve


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