Why we offer the very best of paint Formulations around the Globe


Formulation Development

Formulations are Prepared on the basis of Client Agreement, Available raw materials in the country and Market habits.

Why we Put all these into consideration

Client Agreement:

Here at Showers Paint we believe and agree the customer is Boss and therefore, formulations are specifically fine tuned to the customers taste relative to cost, it is worthy of note to state that our paints are¬† formulated to the top nines of quality but sometimes the quality suited for a particular region may be \’not up to par\” with what is required in another region.

Available raw materials:

Some special request or formulations deliverable to some regions of the world may not be easily deliverable to other regions as a result of availability of raw materials.
Paint Fromulation Technique

The formulation of paints is a matter of skill and experience of the paint technologist. it is largely determined by the ratios of the constituents in paints and the nature of the substrate to which the paint is applied.

once the proper constituents  of paint have been selected  these materials are combined together in the proper amount.

fundamental parameters in paint formulation is

1.) Pigment to binder ratio

2.) Solid contents

3.) Pigment Volume Concentration

4) Cost.

Pigment Binder ratio: Binder holds the pigment and extender content together, performance capability of paint largely depends on the capability of a binder in the film to provide a completely continous Matrix for the pigment generally paints with Pigment Binder ratio of greater than 4:1 are low gloss, suitable only for some interior applications

Solid content: This is the Amount of Material That does not evaporate during the formation of a paint film on a surface.

Pigment volume concentration: Percentage pigment volume in the total volume of solids in the paint.

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