Matt Emulsion Showers Paint is Washable


Well it took me a whole of try\’s and errors to get this post going, i mean i lost every single bit of whatever detailed convo I had written down with respect to this topic, but thankfully I am on the path to creating another new post entirely and i hope you accompany me through it all.

First there has been a lot of misconceptions about the word Washability in the Paint Industry, with a whole lot of \”wrong ideologists \” trying to portray washability as the paint\’s prone \”ness\” to not stick to walls or more politely said, lack of Paint adhesiveness,.

What\’s Paint Washability?

well here is what Washability actually means. at least the kind i mean. it is the Quality of wall coatings to contain levels of coverage and durability which allows the paint/coating to be able to get cleaned in the event that the coating picks up Dirt or scoff marks with respect to time or Age.

Washable paints allows you to clean the surface so you can keep your walls and ceilings in optimum condition without needing to keep repainting them. This allows spaces to be kept in good condition for longer, as much for appearance as for hygiene, and as a result will save you money.
Well Not all paints can be washed or cleaned but mostly washability is resident in Satin paints and Matt Finishes.

What Exactly causes wear and tear in Paints.

The passage of time:

As time passes we see the appearance of stains from food particles, hand Marks, smudges and scuff marks, all these can lead to the paint losing its colour it begins to take on a yellowish shade as a result of external factors that affect the cleaning of the paint.

We can associate the paints with a higher level of durability with those that are the most washable. This is not only because they make it easier to clean and restore the surface, but also because they are better for sealing the surface and providing it with a higher level of resistance against external attack.

Satin And Matt Finishes

These paints are an excellent choice for High traffic Areas in the home such as Children rooms, the sitting room. Kitchen and the rest, that tend to accumulate dirt easily on the walls, but also for any interior space, since, in addition to allowing for the easy removal of stains, it is also a paint that resists the passage of time and that presents a strong resistance to dirt, stains, scuff marks and loss of colour.

The most washable paints are those which provide a satin finish, since the pores of the wall stay closed and therefore it prevents dirt from penetrating the interior, making it more resistant to stains and easier to clean. On the other hand, matt paints can also be washable depending on their level of quality. These paints stand out more for their other properties, such as their ability to better hide imperfections on the surface and offer a high level of coverage, although they are also known for being harder to wash.

In this sense, the Showers Paints range offers the highest level of coverage and washability as much in the gloss and satin finish as in the matt. It is a paint with the highest level of washability in all its finishes, that offers a high level of resistance to the passage of time and keeps colours intact for much longer than other indoor paints, which makes it perfect for renovating and decorating any area.

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