Press Release: Increased Price of Goods and Services From The Showers Group.


Press Release: Increased Price of Goods (Effective from 28th of June 2021).

The Former pricing of goods which Include all Showers paint manufactured Products from exterior to interior uses as at 28th June 2021 will experience an update in pricing, this update is as a result of discrepancies  and to be able to accommodate every other market factor.

This Update of pricing details was incorporated by the regulatory body of the group as a match up measure to effectively sustain business.

This adjustment was fueled by these Primal Factors;

Inflation: The Nigerian market has experienced a certain degree of inflation and this represents as increased price of raw materials, this changed the initial price at which our raw materials were purchased as well as the import duties on these raw materials all co joined to give rise to the increased price of our goods.

Customer Satisfaction: The need for continued customer satisfaction in tones of quality and coverage of our paint products has led to a readjustment in the pricing system. Quality Control and maintenance is a vital part of our company policy and cannot be over ridden.  We aim to provide our consumers with the very best of our products at all levels.

Logistics: Including but not limited to transport and Delivery, the need for a readjustment was necessary as a meet up criteria for informal expenditures.

On behalf of the general Regulatory team of Showers Paint we apologize for any Inconveniences caused.

Date: 6-28th 2021


Regulatory team


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