Easy Jobs you could take up while working in a Building Paint Factory


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So going on to what we have here today, we wanted to show you very simple jobs that you could take up in any paint producing company in your state, it does not require your CV (Curriculum Vitae) or any rigorous Interviews, I once applied for a job and one of the requirements to come to the interview with was an android smartphone and of course my CV and blah blah blah.

Even in today’s world of IT, there are still jobs that require you to not even have an Android device or a CV at Most, all it needs from you is your dedication and desire to work hard.

You must be feeling really anxious right now, trying to find out what it is that could be so “cheap’ yet not easily known.

Number 1 on our list of Jobs you could take up in a Paint producing Company to make money and huge Profits at that, without a CV or android Phone includes:

A Quality control Cleaning Agent:

Well I made that title up, just in case you care to know, But then the office is there and your work involves cleaning and washing used paint production tools, like the plastic buckets and the painter tools, Washing a plastic bucket could earn you a cashback of up to a hundred and fifty naira that is 3 dollars and three cents or More.

 A company Porter:   

      A Painting company always needs a system, whether automated or manual Companies, for Automated Companies you can take up a job as a vehicle handler, and for manual companies that is where the Job of a porter Comes in and the pay is good.

  1. Don’t leave yet, it keeps getting better (Smiles) The third one is the Quality control analyst, this one demands a lot of on the job experience as what you are taking up is a very sensitive part of the company, and in most Companies, it requires a CV
  2. Here are a list of other easy Jobs you could take up to earn a living that may not require rigorous screening processes


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