How to Keep Your Rollers Clean

\"KeepingFirst of all, I Am Nigerian, I know that scares you silly because you have probably heard a lot about Nigerians, and basically you may have made up a mental picture of the Word Nigerians Closely linked by imaginary dots in your Mind to the word scammers.

If that Description Above is you, then All\’s good,  but for the meantime you have to understand that I am not here to Deliberate a business idea, am here to give you basic tips on keeping your tools Clean and letting them last longer for you as a Painter. If that still scares you then boom i absolutely have nothing else within my power to do. (smiles please get off my page now if you are still sceptical of Nigerians, but if you want to learn lets move on.. lagos is enough for everybody)

Step number One:

Who is a painter:

Sincerely Speaking, I Can read the frown on your face as you squeeze it and ask if that\’s what you are here for? well hold up young fella or Dude or Mam or sir ( Pardon me), A whole lot of people do not Understand who a painter is, including You. you see I watched a sitcom one time, its a popular sitcom on the Nigerian tv, The Johnson,  Deputy one of the main characters in the sitcom had bragged to his listeners that painting job was not rocket Science that ANY DULLARD could paint.

let me debunk this right here and Now, Just because you know how to handle a brush and a roller does not in any way make you a Painter, There are levels to this things mate.. (Stay tuned to this Channel and you might catch me elaborating on who a painter is.

Step Number two:

The Tools of a Painter, for security reasons I will not fully mention the entire tools of a painter (Joking)  the main tools necessary for our perusal at this point is the Roller and the brush.

The Roller: looks like a hand wheel exteriorly covered with rug like fur\’s that help the Painter apply Paints in a swift rolling motion.

The Brush: Well it has a longer handle and Bristles and blah Blah blah..just look at the Picture.

Step Three (The Juicy Part) now how do You get grease off your tools as a Painter?

You have to understand The basic Paint Composite that you are using for you to effectively do this. if you are using an Oil based paint then you have to look for its specific cleaning agent to be able to efficiently get it off the Roller and brush.

If you are using a water based paint then you have to only get a detergent, Mix it in Water, making sure to form a Lather and the put the Brush in the water wash very well taking care to use your fingers to sift the brush bristles.

if itsa with the Rollers mop the surface very well with the palm of your hand taking care to scrub vigoruosly so the paints come off.

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