The Hardest Project we Undertook and how we survived










One of the Toughest Contract Jobs we had Worked on this year was with a Client named A (not real name).

I had promised myself and a few of the staff present that we were going to feature this Project on our website, talk about the up\’s and down\’s that were part of our project work there.

The Project :

Client A wanted us to handle the painting of his new Project, a Five storey block of flats. We set out with the early preparatory stages which included running a full estimate of what it was going to cost to do the job, as well as giving our color guide to enable him pick the very Best of color ranges.


The Mistake :

During the Contractual agreement, a clause that would later rise up to become a problem for the company was overlooked, and it actually did become a problem.

The Contract was not well scrutinized before agreement (a failure on our part) and at the end a dispute ensued. The Client was right after all.


How We Solved the Problem:

Due to our lack of proper scrutiny, we agreed to bear the loss that ensued from the Contractual agreement. Making sure to place Customer interest over gain.

In doing this we lost over three hundred Thousand Naira, but like the guiding principle of our interaction with Clients states, Customer gain over interest.

Our Customer was right and we did the right thing.


This is a reminder that there can be no better company out there that takes care of customer interest better than showers paint. We can deny ourselves gain to make sure you are satisfied. That is the level of our integrity.

Why then would you not want to do business with us?

We can handle your projects at Hyper trust levels and deliver Quality like never before.

Switch to the showers Brand, Become a Royal Blue King.

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