Ten Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive


Hey, Am sure we all Want a beautiful high-end Luxurious home, but then we look at what it would cost to make such an expensive dream happen and we are like… \”Nah I\’ll manage\” but then what if I told you that you could make it happen at the lowest price possible?… oh no no no no no that\’s not what you think at all, it\’s not an advertisement post at all, you re live on showers Paint blog category of \”Ideas on styling your new Home\” and am your Host Israel Steve (feel free to look me up on Facebook).

now let\’s hit it off with The Bedroom Tips, Have you ever walked into a hotel room, took one long look at the room especially the Bed chamber or Bed area and you go like \”why doesn\’t my room look this cool?\” well here is the answer tip number one:

Use a double Duvet

take a look at the picture down below, you would see that the first bed without a second bedcover looks nice but then shabby, it does not possess that feeling of class and strength, but the second picture with the double duvet brings everything you want to know to the room, it shows beauty, class, and strength. That is exactly what Big-name Hotels do to make their bedrooms look more classy, a double-up Duvet does the Trick.



Add large Throw Pillows:

Now this may not sound like much but trust me it is the real deal, large throw pillows bring exquisite class to a room. you could use 26 by 26-inch size pillows and layering this up with smaller sized pillows will make the whole room light up, remember our earlier post of Height variation in Home Decoration?


The Next One is Lighting:

This Topic keeps Popping up every single time, this shows that it is a very important topic to be taken note of in Interior Decor. Lighting can step up the feel of your bedroom or sitting rooms or General space. adding a little bed lamp, a floor lamp, and dimming the light a little more can give the grandeur experience that you want. probably I may take a full session on lighting and its Importance in Interior Decoration very soon. if you want it faster you can drop a comment on the comment section and will attend to that immediately. There is although one very important factor that I will not leave off. in lighting make sure you use the same temperature bulb, if you\’re going to use soft temperature lighting, go for it all through. don\’t mix the temperature, you don\’t want to get a throw-off effect.

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Add Wall Mouldings:

Putting up wall moldings to your wall can get your walls to come alive with this sense of grandeur and exquisiteness. Wall mirrors and the likes.

Remove Labels:

Better said repackage. some of the detergents we use on a daily basis that carry labels cause fashion or interior design blocks, to get that rich feeling try repackaging them all of them in the same glass labeled jar, it makes everything look organized and classy.

Do curtains Right:

There are very many ways to do your curtains right and here are a few of them.

when hanging curtains measure from a few inches away from the ceiling vertically downwards. first, you need that high up covering from top to bottom and then the width size should be 6 inches away from the window when putting up the hangers, this helps you get that \”spread\”. make sure your curtains are not hanging way above the ground, that\’s why we call the drapes most times you have to feel them drape all the way to the floor but don\’t overdo it.

Use Large scale artworks:\”

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