Leaking and Damp Walls, How to solve it Professionally.


One day, a friend calls in and says he wants to renovate his house and that includes painting, but the problem is that he has been dealing with leaking walls for a long time and this successfully spoils whatever paint coating is put on the building.

Now I don\’t know if you have had that problem yourself, but anyone who has lived in homes with leaking walls can testify to how frustrating that can be, watching your walls get moribund and ugly no matter how much you try.

The first Hypothetical solution was to ask him to solve the leaking issue by working on the Plumbing system and practically ensuring that everything is done well and in order. The Dude replies that he has done that already, turned out the plumbing system was initially conduit but was later converted to output/visible plumbing setup in a bid to combat the leaking systems.

How We Solved it:

With Our newly Introduced Leaky Walls Tech Paints, 99.9% Moisture Proof Coating can keep walls dry for a very very long time.

This technology was developed by our team of chemical experts from China, who pre evidently put in so much effort to ensure that this technology comes to fruition.


My Friend Gyan has been enjoying his new home free of stress and worries of wall leakage.

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