How to Paint stripes on Your walls

Professional Painting involves being able to craft really beautiful patterns that make the place lively and brings the exquisite feel of class and grandeur to the game. there are a lot of tricky patterns in making wall stripes and we are ready to take you through the classes as well as guide you till you become your very own kind of Professional.

There are different stripe patterns, you can decide to make your stripes narrow or wide, vertical (makes the room higher) or Horizontal (makes the room More spacious), whatever pattern you decide, you don\’t need a canvas to make this artwork of beauty happen.


Steps in Making Paint stripes:

  1. Step One Preparation The first step is preparation. where you have to visualize what design you would like to create, do you want the stripes to be wide or narrow, are you intending to make your ceiling look higher then the vertical stripe would be better, are you looking to make your room or apartment look more spacious, then the horizontal stripes would be better. You May want to paint different color shades or just use a lighter color shade.
  2. Understanding the dimension of your wall: if you want to make the stripes look professional there is need to equally measure the walls and decide what centimeters the stripes are going to take up and divide accordingly.. to do this measure the wall from the ceiling to floor and divide by an odd number to get the width of each standard stripe.
  3. Ensure the Stripes at the top of the wall and the stripe at the bottom are the same color, for example, painting a two-base color of red and white, if you begin with White at the top of the wall make sure to end with white.
  4. Organize your supplies like 2 Inch release Tape, 9-inch roller frame and cover, mini roller frame, and cover, Roller pan with Liner, Tape measure, Carpenters level. Straight edge and a Pencil.
  5. Paint The base Coat: You can use your existing color as the base coat or you can paint a new coat.
  6. Allow the Basecoat to dry for four hours or overnight for maximum effect.
  7. Use the pencil and the Tape to mark out stripe points, using the carpenters\’ edge to make the two points meet and create a straight line. ( if you are using a chalk Line use Blue chalk because Red and yellow chalk lines are permanent)
  8. Apply the tapes in chosen stripe order pattern. while applying the paint make sure to cover half the midline of the tapes with paint.
  9. Allow drying for at least four hours before peeling off the tapes.

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