The Art of Screeding and Screeding Paints.

Screeding is a band of plaster or mortar laid on the surface of the wall as a guide to the thickness or level of the plaster to be applied. The purpose of wall screeding is to create a smooth, flat surface to receive paint finishes. also according to Google dictionary, screeding is a leveled layer of material (e.g. cement) applied to a floor or other surface to get a more even platform than the traditional plastering.

A Screed is a flat board used to smoothen Mortar or Plaster.

Screeding was initially only used for flooring and preparing concrete floors for tile layering. but with the expansion of knowledge and Interest screeding has evolved from being an only \”floors finish\” to also a concrete wall finish. and surprisingly it has not dropped its enthusiasm in getting to the zenith of its ability.

A prior type of screeding has with time-phased out from being necessary, needed, or useful, Producers created a version that needed to be mixed externally with adhesive before application, but with time technology has provided a screeding bond that does not require external mixing with adhesives and has completed everything needed before application, so virtually you buy and apply.

Screeding your wall before painting brings out the real beauty and quality of your paint. It gives it a more compact and beautiful look than does only painting your wall. They must be considered as an essential option before painting as they give a perfect outlook to your walls. Screeding helps to remove any cracks, flaws, or holes in your walls.


When you properly level off your wall with screeding before applying quality paint over it, it helps you not only get a perfect look for your wall but also strengthens the integrity of your painting – it won’t wear off so easily.


In fact, silk and shiny paints on a screeded wall give a perfect outlook of high-quality interior designs. For a perfectly smooth and shiny wall, screeding before painting is highly recommended.




Steps to wall Screeding and Painting:

If you are Using a Mix and Apply Screeding Bond Follow the Manufacturer\’s Instructions to obtain a perfect mix.

using your screed material apply evenly over the walls to achieve an even surface.

Allow to Dry for 24 hours before applying paint mix.

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