Greatest Articles of 2021 on Paint Production, Painting and Interior Decoration.

As the year is slowly winding up, we decided to take you on a tour of remembrance. The very great Posts that we have created so far in the Year 2021.

As regards Qualification, we made this selection based on the following; Post reaches and engagement on not just our website but the inclusion of our social media pages, Level of Knowledge passed on, and rating from the general public, and here is the list we made up.

On our Top Ten List for the year 2021 we have:

10. How to Navigate The showers Paint website and Buy Online >

This Post was ranked tenth on our all-time list of 2021, it came in at a time when people were requesting ways to easily buy from the website and gain discount offers.

9. How to style a blue and grey sitting room to classic perfection:

This Came up ninth, a whole lot of readers from all over the world sent in appreciative emails to thank us for this post and for sending it up promptly. so far it also holds sway as one of our many commented posts and most appreciated.

8. Professionalism at its Best. The Ihiala Project.

This one stands at eighth on our list, it displayed one of the beautiful artworks we set up at Ihiala, The city of Ihiala in Anambra state greeted us in a welcoming manner, and of course, we gave them Our very Best.

7. How to Paint stripes on your wall

This was on number 7. and it gave our readers something to look up to. something to learn from and it passed on Knowledge, we are forever grateful that we had the privilege to pass on Knowledge.

6. Taking care of Leaking and Damp walls:

We had one of the Consultants work carefully on this and dole out this informative post on taking care of leaking/damp walls, initially, it was supposed to be a video session, but we opted to go with the post manner at the last minute, all the same, it was a very informative Post.

5. The Art of Screeding!..

Yo, this was the massive hit of the Month for this blog, Mehn the rush was massive, the interest around screening paints these days is so oo infectious you would think yourself odd to be found on the wrong side of the fence. no one is even going for plain plastering these days. Screeding is the Deal.

4. Decorating Your Livingroom on an affordable Budget:

Well, Yeah this was the real deal. like the real deal.. massive information and traffic got a lot of persons engaged and it solved what it was aimed at solving, giving a simple affordable option to having your perfectly styled classic living room.

3. The Best Season to paint

This article came up in third place. it was one of the many FAQ\’s on the internet and it was as if the people were waiting to have the answer served to them on our website, the response was massive and we appreciate it.

2. Five tips for solving issues related to blistering and flaking and more

This was our number 2 for the year 2021, with massive engagements especially on our Instagram Page and then on Facebook. Drew powerful responses from the public, and gladly we solved all of the questions or \”further Information needed\” mostly I believe it turned out one of the best because it tipped or based its information on Do it yourself kind of Problems and giving solutions to them. a wonderful point we aim to keep in mind when we create further posts.

The Perfect Design for Kids Bedroom

On our Number one for the year is the perfect design for kids\’ bedrooms, yeah! I so much loved this Post, it carried fun and happy moments with it and it didn\’t fail to entertain, little wonder readers voted it Number one.

This was our Pick for the year 2021, we believe that you may have other views concerning this, which post was your favorite number one post of the year, drop your comment on the comment section and let us Discuss.

In Archbishop Desmond Tutu\’s Voice words on a Marble let me remind you that

\”The Dead Sea in the Middle East receives fresh water, but it has no outlet, so it doesn\’t pass the water out. It receives beautiful water from the rivers, and the water goes dank. I mean, it just goes bad. And that\’s why it is the Dead Sea. It receives and does not give. In the end, generosity is the best way of becoming more, more, and more joyful,\” in Loving memory of Archbishop Desmond Tutu.




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