The Perfect Paint Coating Choice for Interiors and Exteriors (Budget Friendly)

Most times, a lot of our customers are hung up between choosing the right texture or Paint coating for their Interiors and exterior. This, Most of the time proves to be a herculean task. Getting a perfect choice and budget-friendly interior. And exterior coating depends on perception. Understanding of color and certain other variations. This is the aid that we offer our clients right here on shower paints. We help them make the perfect professionally guided help.

Textured coating for Interiors and exterior walls.

While surfing the web. I came across a user asking this question. “Does anyone know where I can buy that paint that you apply with a roller and it has bits of grit in it like a fine artex?. Doing a job for a damp company and they want me to blend in with the rest of the wall”.

What about Delivery?

The textured coating manufactured by showers Paints inter global resources is called a texcote. This is because it has grits and when applied on your walls with the correct roller it gives a grit-like appearance.

It can be delivered anywhere within Nigeria. And fortunately, we also deliver outside the country. Why advise a client to go for textured coatings?. The grit nature of the texcote protects the paint against hand-inflicted wear and tear. And especially prevents dirt from easily coming on the paint. The durability rate of textured paints is longer than in fewer genres like emulsion paints.

What are the Benefits/Advantages of Textured coatings:

Textured coatings are the best exterior paint combination for harsh weather. Or climates, as they can withstand whatever the tropical climate throws at them longer than any other paint coat type.

The Grits help to reduce the possibility of quick stains. Rising from careless hand touches on the wall surface.

What are the Disadvantages of Textured Coatings;

The generally agreeable disadvantage of the gritty Paints or textured paint coatings is their gritty nature. it is rough on hands when felt or touched. And may not be ideal to use in interiors where toddlers are present.

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