What we are Offering This Valentine\’s Day.


Valentine\’s Day is right here with us again and sure you don\’t want to be left behind in the season feel. how about having a reason to enjoy the season and showing your girl and wife that you love her?. There is a simple way you can get this done without going the extra annoying lane.

What is valentine\’s day all about:

Valentine\’s Day is a holiday when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts. It is also called St. Valentine\’s Day. The holiday has expanded to express affection between relatives and friends and of course, there is a tinge of heartbreak stories associated with this day. here at showers paint, we want you to enjoy every bit of the day without heartbreaks, with joy and laughter.

All am trying to say is that it is a season to show love and how much friends and family mean to you, and we are taking advantage of this season to give you valuable information, follow our social media handles so you don\’t miss any of the upcoming information we are on Facebook and Instagram.

 What are we Offering this Valentine:

Well, we are working on getting our online store up and running, and with that, we will be bringing a new range of Products your way, all under the Showers brand. am doing my best to conceal the next set of Products about to hit our online store but I believe the excitement is contagious and you can feel it as well. Trust me it is going to be the Bomb. meanwhile, if you have not subscribed to our newsletter please do subscribe so you don\’t miss out.

Happy Valentine\’s Day in advance you can have a preview of our store section while we work on it > https://showerspaint.com/shop/

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