How to Paint Marble effect on Walls

\"\"Marble effect: This effect allows you to reproduce the look of Marble on any surface especially walls, I love to categorize the marble effect process into two, which include the manual method and the easier method.

The Manual Method: well this method may not be as tough as Israel Adesanya\’s hold on the UFC middleweight championship but trust me it will take the air right out of your lungs, it involves a very long process. before you start it will first require that you section out the part you want to apply your marble effect, sectioning out could be done with a painter\’s tape, this prevents the color from getting to unwanted areas during application. Prepare the surface to make look more realistic. I suggest that you screed the surface, you see marbles are related with a smooth texture, so if you are trying to create a marble \”effect\” the least you could do is smoothen out the surface.

You will need the following materials to complete your work: A painter\’s Tape, Paint roller, Paintbrush, Dab cloth, cellophane, and a feather, The two paint colors you want to use for the marble effect.

The Painter\’s Tape is to secure your non-painting area from getting paint, after this is done apply the first paint color say red with your roller brush, The pattern of the roller movement is super necessary, go with a diagonal light application from top to bottom of your painting area ( On roll is enough), then with the dab cloth pick up the second color say white and make light smudges of white paint on random areas of the red diagonal paint. With your painter brush evenly smear them taking care not to over smudge the paint area, painting brush movement is used to spread the paints on the painting area. the cellophane is necessary if you want to make patterns on the painting. using the feather tip draw tiny wavy lines from top to bottom in a diagonal pattern, one wavy line is usually enough. Allow drying.


Alternatively: You can buy the Marble effect spray and apply it to your already prepared walls, The showers Marble Finish is a specialty spray paint that delivers an elegant, marble finish on top of existing Showers Decorative color. it is an easier and better method of achieving the goal. this second option is a good enough reason to enjoy the super bowl this season because you would be having a lot of quality time on your hand and the best kind of professional result.

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