The Best Outdoor Paint Colors of 2022

The Best Outdoor Paint Colors of 2022

This Topic The best outdoor paints colors for 2022 have encountered a whole lot of controversies and disagreements, both from experts and the lesser cadre, Believe me, this topic is highly controversial. Now, why would I want to delve into a highly controversial topic like The Best Outdoor Paint colors of 2022? Would it be solely because this guy or this company is out to take over the SEO market? or because he has run out of topics on Oil Paint and he\’s Just grappling on any hook that looks to promise the slightest look of Hope. Thankfully it\’s none of the above, I have achieved the highest level of Professionalism in the Paint Industry, and although most of the topics I speak or teach on will be subject to controversial arguments the truth is you will always be the better for taking knowledge and advice from the Boss.

Quickly: Outdoors is the Most Vital Part of your home or Office\’s, you are first judged by how you look before we get to access the content you carry, a popular phrase \”you are Addressed How you Dress\” comes to mind. This is also true for Buildings no matter the category, a lot of times in Subsaharan Africa we see homes with exteriors not painted but interiors properly painted, this probably could be as a result of lack of funds, but then I need you to imagine that you were called for a job interview and given an address and on Arrival at the destination, you find out that the building exterior was not painted, psychologically your mind value for the job Is reduced consciously or unconsciously whether you believe it or not that is the way of the human mind. In contrast, if you arrived there and from the environmental to the exterior building coating all you see resounds grandeur and class, boyy! Jokes aside your mentality unconsciously adjusts to that of reverence and slight fear or uncertainty, it is the way of the Human Mind and it is beyond our control, that is why if you need the very best of people, you need to present yourself to match the human Mindframe as well as your Building.

The Mistakes we Make while choosing an exterior color:

1. Downsizing the Importance of Your Exterior Walls:

2. Not Ready to spend to get Quality (resorting to low cost/cheap Options): One very bad result of always resorting to cheap/low-cost options is that you always every single time spend more than you are supposed to spend and end up getting lesser value and satisfaction for the amount paid. Have you ever bought low-cost electronics only to get back home to discover that there were underlying issues that keep showing up with time and then you have to keep spending to repair these electronics?

3. Effect Of Nature: Whatever color of Paint you choose for your buildings it will only look good if it blends with Your environment if you live in an Urban area like Lagos Nigeria, looks at the color pattern of that area, (It is important to note that some areas could differ from other areas in Lagos, In a district inside Lagos or even a town in Lagos.) Most Urban areas look better when tushed with Lighter color shades, some other areas look better with Darker color shades, Areas in Hilly constituencies are far better with colorful paint designs shouty colors like Pink and green. exterior wall paint should go with the mood and climate of your surroundings and backdrop.

The Best Outdoor Paints Colors in 2022:

I carefully selected the very Best Paint color of 2022, yes you heard me right we are two months into the year and we are giving out the most up to date information about exterior paints and themes, all you need do is select the ones that match your area just as stipulated above and get your buildings ranking high in the Human psychology system. number one on our list today is.

  1. Whites


Lighter color shades are one of the best choices you\’d make in the painting industry for your exterior walls especially when they are of satin grades, it brings with it a certain kind of grandeur and class, unparalleled in its comparison. Lighter shade suggestions range from Whites, Brown, and Yellow, if you want to be more adventurous you could go with the navy blue light shade (Satin).

Whites: One special Quality of whites is that it stands out where ever it is, and if you want to get all from whites, try adding fancy blue lights at very strategic corners. for someone who has a lot of green plants in the surrounding environment whites are the Best option for such individuals in the choice of an exterior coat because it brings out the environment in a classy way.

Darker shades: some other Individuals do not prefer the Lighter shades and would love to go with something darker. for such persons we have two valid suggestions in the year 2022, Grey and Navy Blue. Grey is one of the trendiest modern exterior wall paint colors. It will make your house stand out against your neighbors’. White and black panels and doors complement greys best.

Navy Blue makes your house walls stand out especially when diced with white/light shade woodwork. I once walked into a duplex that had this color combo and it was just like standing in heaven, the color had a cooling effect and made everything stand out.

There you have it, The Best exterior Paint color combination of 2022. Hope this was as satisfying as expected? read up Our other materials on wall screed and how to prepare your walls.

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