What are Aerosol Paint Sprayers

Aerosol paint sprayers:

Successfully defining Aerosol paint sprayers will only be possible if we first explain aerosol paints. Aerosol paints are known as spray Paints. They are usually in sealed pressurized containers. These Paints are released when the valve button of the aerosol is depressed.

Pressurized Containers:

This type of container employs the use of pressure to expel the liquid through the use of Propulsion devices.

Brief History of Aerosol/Spray Painting:

The first mention of this type of painting came in the year 1949 and later on. Edward Seymour was the inventor of the canned spray paint in the same year, A suggestion made by his wife that he followed through on with led to the invention of Seymore of Sycamore inc. This invention followed the massive production of spray paints and increased demands.

What are the Uses of Spray Painting:

Spray Painting since its inception in 1949 has gone through a lot of processes that have defined its uses. first, it was used to paint a radiator with aluminum paint and then Graffiti artists found it an easier mode of artistry on walls and other flat surfaces. Another use of Spray Paint is in car painting. Spray paints were found hundred percent better when it came to car painting. It didn\’t leave any brush marks and produced a fine even Paint tone. Spray Paints have also been found useful in house painting. painting areas like the balcony rails and window rails and more. Spray guns came into the scene sometime along the line where spray paints were used in full building paints. This type of painting is best employed in interior walls. its major disadvantage is that it does not allow the painter to have complete control over the paint flow.  Aside from that, it gives speed to painters who opt to use this method instead of using roller paints.

Over Spray:

This is a vital factor in spray Painting, Over Sprays are Paint droplets that do not make it to the surface being painted. these oversprays are dispersed into the air and can be inhaled leading to serious health challenges. once airborne over sprays can travel for miles or yards. There are two known factors that help in building or increasing overspray levels. These two factors include the Pressure of the aerosol container and the action of the wind. On windy days oversprays in spray painting are increased. on less windy days overspray in spray painting is at minimal levels. One very significant health effect of overspray in spray paints is eye defects. \"spray



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