The Beauty of Street Arts-Showers Paint

Street Arts


Wikipedia defines Street Art as Visual arts created in Public for Public Visibility.  street art has been associated with a lot of things but mainly artists employ this technique to smartly vandalize social/public spaces with the aim of addressing pending social issues in politics|Governance or otherwise. Therefore calling Street Art a smart vandalism method is not out of place.

Origin Of Street Arts

What we know today as street arts kicked off from a gang movement in the 19\’s in New York City. A critical assessment of street art history will show that it took off from the New york city graffiti boom. Gangs who were displaced by Government policies took to the street. Their aim was to express their displeasure by using paints to vandalize government properties then parked buses and street walls. Soon enough this movement blossomed into beautiful artistic expressions. These artistic shows|expressions drew interest from all works of life and soon enough it became a global thing. Nice way to go viral right?.

Street Arts Today

Although street art came from a rebellious background. It has since worked its way into the elite position of the arts in society. We cannot talk about street arts without talking of the gods of street arts. These gods were part of the formation process of these arts. Bantsy. Today, This art has evolved from rebellious outposts to Beautiful street Murals, More controlled and expressed. Given the various benefits and sometimes high return on investment. Street art provides businesses, schools, neighborhoods, and cities with a movement as a tool to create safer, brighter, more colorful, and inspiring communities.  Organizations like Beautify Earth have pioneered cities to leverage these benefits to create widespread beauty where it would be otherwise empty or dilapidated public wall space.


The Beauty of Street Arts Today

If you need to read a comprehensive history of street arts please click here to build up your knowledge. Street arts following all of its adaptation and reinventions have moved up to become one of the most beautiful art forms in society. Murals and large-scale artworks are continually taking up blank walls in society providing beauty in less beautiful areas. In fact, Buenos Aires has developed a reputation for its large-scale murals and artworks in many subway stations and public spaces.  Paris, France has an active street art scene that is home to artists such as Space InvaderJef AérosolSP 38, and Zevs. In Spain, Madrid and Barcelona represent the most graffiti-populated cities. Almost the entire world has subscribed to the beauty of street arts and Murals. They have also understood the need to pass across the information using this medium.

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