Water Proof Painting for Shower Areas

Shower Paints

\"\"The Shower Area is a cubicle or mini room where occupants of a house go to take their baths or do other stuff like washing. This Area is often associated with much moisture due to the kind of activities that go on there. However, the shower area is part of a house and needs to be painted or alternatively coated. Some contractors prefer to use Marbles to coat this area with the aim of reducing algae formation or paint decay due to constant moisture. The availability of marbles however does not deny the existence of shower-tailored paints. In some cases, Waterproof Paints for the bath area is a thing. The shower Area is also simply known as bathrooms.

What is Water Proof Paints

These are paints that reduce water damage or damp weather damage on painted walls. Like the name implies waterproof paints are simply water-resistant paints. Waterproof paints can be in form of latex, oil-based, or specialty-based paints.  Latex enameled paints high gloss are the best options to use in the bathroom or shower Area. The glossier the paint is, the more its ability to be water-resistant.

What are the advantages of water proof Paints over Marbles in the bathroom

For one thing, When we look at advantages I prefer to look at the long-term effect. Marbles, in the long run, could get broken or damaged the same with Paints, They could get dirt marks on them and look old, But it is easier to repaint old paints than to replace broken Marbles.

Using waterproof paints makes it easier for color selection. although Marbles offer a color selection option, it will not be as efficient and easy as color selection for paints.

Latex Enamel Paints are the best options for Bathroom paints. Read up our previous post here



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