10 Exterior Paint Colors for Brick Homes

10 Exterior Paint Colors for Brick Homes Have become the recently most searched item in the last decade and we know why. Thankfully we at showers paint have what it takes to get you the right color combinations for your brick home or offices. Please read on.

Brick Houses are more frequently seen in Government reserved Areas in Africa. Nigeria precisely. All the same, Where Brick houses are located they stand as symbols of housing quality. One thing however is difficult to do with brick houses. Yes, you guessed it right matching exterior paint colors for brick homes. You want to find a paint color to complement the red brick without taking away from the charm of the home. Today however I am here to make that task easier for you, with professional recommendations from all over the world. I have served out the very best of the very best just for you I hope you enjoy it.

How to Pair Exterior Paint Colors for Brick Homes

My Interest majorly borders on red bricks. Red bricks are very hard to match exterior colors for. to understand what color suits red bricks you have to understand their characters first, Red bricks are more muted and toned down and it will do us good if we keep that in mind while looking for colors. For example, if you were thinking of using white, choose a creamy white as opposed to a bright white. The bright white can sometimes appear a little too harsh against red brick. An off-white will give the appearance of white against the brick, but a little softer.

10 Exterior Paint Colors for Brick Homes 

Here are selected 10 (Ten) exterior paint colors that would perfectly match brick homes and office buildings. These colors were selected bearing in mind the character of the red brick (Muted and Toned down). If you work with another brick quality or color you may not get the perfect result. Note that whether these colors are used on the trim, front doors, shutters, or sidings they all compliment the red brick building base.

Color 1

The Showers Paint Creamy SW 7012. This color grade of Cream is a slight deflection from the off-white color but it doesn\’t get too yellow. A warm variation of Off-white. It is a perfect match for Red bricks and always brings out the best.

Creamy SW 7012 (showers Paint)

Color 2

The Keystone Gray

Keystone Gray SW 7504

Gray with Color Code SW 7504 is one of the best Matching colors for Red Bricks. Just like the creamy SW 7012 brings out the beauty of the red bricks. Pairing this color in your exteriors with Red bricks gives the Best exterior beauty combination you could imagine possible.

Color 3 & 4

These Colors still fall in the group of The Gray Family or a little to the Beige. but one thing is sure they all work wonders with red bricks when paired together. Grey Mist OC-30 and Gateway Gray 247-C3. The Grey Mist is a better option if you are looking for a lighter color to complement your home. It particularly does not lean much to the grey family as it is more of beige. The Gateway Gray is considered more of Grey as it is darker and more poised or leaning towards grey. it has some green undertones to it. Therefore if you are looking for a darker color to complement your red bricks Gateway Gray is the best option.

Grey Mist OC-30
Gateway Gray 247-C3

Colors 5, 6, & 7

-The Stone Hearth CC-490

-Dark Night SW 6237

-Cape Hatteras Sand AC34

Stone Hearth CC-490
Dark Night SW 6237
Cape Hatteras Sand AC34

The Stone Hearth CC-490 This guy is more beige than gray and is considered more of a muted mid-toned paint color. However, when it’s used on the exterior of the home it will appear to look lighter. 

The Dark Night borders on Navy blue, but darker. Its combination with Red bricks is one of the coolest things you\’d ever imagine.

Colors 8, 9 & 10

-The Svelte Sage SW6164

  • The Salamander 2050

These Colors are also huge fits for red brick buildings. Do you have issues with maximizing space in small bedrooms and decorating them to fit? Click on these links Immediately we have top-level secrets just for you.

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