Decorating your Rooms the Ramadan Way

First on behalf of Showers Paint global I want to say a Happy Ramadan. This Month is a Sacred Month of Prayer fasting and Celebration for Muslims worldwide. The Ninth Month in the Islamic calendar. Decorations in the Month of Ramadan have continually been evolving with time and social media influence. One thing we are sure of is that there is no shortage of decorations during the month of Ramadan. Right here on Showers paint, we give you 10 solid ideas on Ramadan decoration.

How To Decorate Homes and Offices in The Spirit of Ramadan:

There is absolutely no way you make Ramadan decorations without the typical Ramadan accessories. To make a valid design in this Month of prayer and Fasting. One must have -Hanging luminous lanterns. -Celebratory Wreaths. Setting the table. And the Carpet to lend that Arabian Touch. The good thing is that Muslims can buy or get this decorative equipment freely online or for a little charge. One thing is sure they are easily accessible. The best way to decorate homes and offices this month is to go traditional.

The Fanoos Lantern:

The fanoos Lantern is common in Islam and particularly during the Holy Month. It is used in decorating homes and streets during the holy month. It originated from Egypt. Muslims worldwide light candles. And decorate their homes for the holy month. The fanoos is a worldwide icon for the holy month. Where ever it appears it gives a festive atmosphere. In as much as using decorative lighting is also valid the fanoos lantern is more preferred if you want to go traditional.

Traditional Ramadan Lantern \”Fernoos\”

Hanging Ramadan Wreaths:

It is impossible to come across a family celebrating Ramadan absent Wreaths. During the holy month of Ramadan, a lovely wreath is used to decorate Muslim houses. They can be handcrafted or Machine made. These Wreaths whenever we see them although they may not pass across the message of festivity immediately. They never cease to communicate the presence of holy Islam families. And then not just that, they are a beauty to behold in interior designs. I mean I myself would want a wreath hanging on my door. During Ramadan, The wreath is usually placed at the entrance to welcome other families to the Ramadan spirit.

Hand Crafted Rugs and Carpets:

Hand Crafted rugs

The Beauty of Ramadan and the Joy we share is to see locally made High-quality rugs and Carpets decorating our spaces. The spirit of Ramadan is ignited in these conditions. This season presents the ideal opportunity to decorate and redesign the house to offer a festive environment. During Ramadan. One can add a vintage touch to their home. With carpets and rugs. There are several designs to pick from. Including hand-tufted carpets, shaggy rugs, and oriental rugs. Also, one should look around the house and replace or repair any furniture that needs attention.

The Iftar Table Decoration:

Iftar Table

Iftar > Iftar, also known as ftoor (from فطور, fuṭūr, \’breakfast\’). Is the evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. They break their fast at the time of the call to prayer for the evening prayer. Ramadan can not be complete without The Iftar table. It is the joy of a festive season to seat and eat with friends and family. Decorating the Iftar table demands extra care and professionalism. It involves well-skilled cooks to serve appetizing dishes. There is a need to note that delicious Food is dependent on how well it is cooked. And how well the table is prepared.

Scented Candles:

Decorating your Homes and Offices during this Ramadan the traditional way will require Scented candles or candles generally. They give the feel that this house is in a festive season. Trust me candles are the traditional way to bring the mood on.

Street Decoration:

Saudi Arabia is the root of the Ramadan celebration. As an important month in the Islamic Calendar. Though the new trend is imparting consumerism in society. Scholars in Saudi Arabia suggest that one should not forget about the spiritual importance of the month. However, to maintain the festive spirit the country sees countrywide decorations and celebrations. The streets are decorated with homemade Ramadan decorations and fanoos of various sizes. Live food preparation for iftar. And traditional Arabian lighting in old souks and households.

Ramadan street decorations

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