11 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Kitchen Look

One Time I watched a game show the question was what is the most used part in a house? well, I believe you know the answer and for those who don\’t know the Kitchen is the most used part of a house. There are cute Mistakes people or generally, interior designers make that ruin the kitchen look and today we are going to take a look at them and corrective measures.

Poorly Planned Layouts

A Particular design trend in one obscure year suggested keeping all your most-used appliances in one corner. But according to recent results, it is not so aesthetically pleasing. Doing this turns out to be one of the many genuine mistakes that could ruin your kitchen look. Strategic layouts are crucial for the functionality and visual appeal of any kitchen look. To be able to overcome poorly planned layout mistakes, first of all, take note of your most-used appliances and take a mental map of the kitchen space. \”The placement of appliances and cabinets is critical and must suit the way you prep, cook, and clean. Not necessary on one side. There is a need for good organizational skills when doing this. Try to spread them out but still within easy reach.

Colorful and Low-Quality Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets are another area of genuine Mistakes in Kitchen designs. Do not consider price tags when selecting kitchen cabinets. Do not go for colorful cabinets they are difficult to maintain in the long run. in the area of color for kitchen cabinets always choose neutral colors. It\’s important to look for solid wood construction with at least a 1/2-inch thick, mortise-and-tenon joinery, well-finished surfaces, meaning no imperfections such as wood knots or bad sanding.

Poorly Lit Kitchen

No design would make it to the dope section of designs without proper lighting, in fact, I personally see lighting as the deciding factor in interior design it can make a design drab or dope whichever one is your choice, or better said the result of your choice. Inadequate lighting will cause frustration when trying to prep dinner every night. Make sure that you have multiple light sources to ensure appropriate light throughout the space.

Use Plain Tiles in the Kitchen

Making Use of patterned tiles in the kitchen may not help the house\’s resale value and it reduces the design Quality of the house. In Choosing kitchen tiles always keep in mind that \”simple is always more elegant than a busy backsplash that distracts.\”

Not Adding Artworks to your Kitchen

The Concept of Artwork in interior decorations has become so wildly recognized that it would be really odd to see a state-of-the-art modern design where artwork is missing. Now am not giving you a design concept based on public opinion but on professional analysis. analysis that has become so popular that even the public has bought into it throwing aside their own concepts. Artworks in the Kitchen elevates the Aesthetic value and trust me it would keep the environment lively and fun to be in. Not adding Artwork to the Kitchen is one of the Major design Mistakes you could make.

Storing Pots on Top of your stoves or gas Burners:

Like That is why we have a Kitchen Cabinet, People!

When you can\’t fit your large pots and pans in cabinets, According to Krasnow you\’ll end up creating a \”cluttered kitchen space\” since they may end up being stored on top of your oven or on open shelves.

But if you\’re redoing your kitchen or starting from scratch. You could avoid this clutter by incorporating extra-large cabinets into your design.

Don\’t install high-quality White gloss cabinets:

Since we are on the talk about cabinets I thought passing across this information would do us all a world of good. White cabinets take out the warmth in the Kitchen, they Kill the liveliness of the kitchen area. What Then should you do? Good question, opt for earth-toned wares. this color category is warm and entertaining and will never fr one time feel cold. Brown is also a good option. try not to go for really flashy colors something like a bright green or outright Yellow. They kill the design.

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