Metaverse: The Future of Art Galleries

What would the Future of Art look like? Collin Howard. The Director of Digital fair Asia gives a little glimpse into the future of Art and Painting. Digital artists are beginning to create varying degrees of digital arts. From NFT\’s to other forms of Virtual arts. Beautifully, technology and the \”Future\” has made room for continued development as Digital Art fairs and/or galleries are multiplying in their numbers. Today it is possible to experience art in the Metaverse. Decentraland at Sotheby\’s. Which opened early last summer. Replicates the auction houses London galleries in Virtual reality.

What is AI Art?

Toronto-based virtual reality company Art Gate. Launched a Meta Biennale. Participating artists and galleries were presented within an interconnected space. This space could be visited in virtual reality with a VR headset or a Computer. Of course, the headset is a far better experience. Artificial intelligence art is the use of AI to explore the potential and limitation of the painting medium. And artistic production processes. And to create aesthetic artworks.

The Meta Verse?

Social media giant \”Facebook\” early last year changed its name to Meta. Totally unrelated. But the Metaverse is a Digital Universe. A network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. With the aim of replicating virtually everything that human beings do in our physical world. Play, shopping, learning and even visiting art galleries or art exhibitions. Facebook is interested in the Metaverse. Resulting to the new name change Meta.

How Do we envision the Future of Art and Painting in the Metaverse?

In the Meta Biennale conference hosted by Artgate, A digital art exhibition was tested. The participating artists appeared as floating hands interacting with arts in the Metaverse. Artist Hideo SNES used artificial intelligence to explore the potential and limitations of Digital arts. Robots like Ai-Da (Boston Robotics) are able to create beautiful art works and well versed in painting. Generally, the future of Art in painting is on the rise. Metaverse digital arts like the Nonfungible tokens are way costlier and income driving. Then the older more physical version. There are easy modes of selling art in the Metaverse. Less stressful and more beautiful patterns.

AI-generated Artworks the future of Contemporary Art

Ai-generated arts are the future. Public interest is beginning to drift towards Metaverse art galleries. Digital arts, Metaverse art exhibition. Art in the Metaverse and more. Industrial Robots are now in charge of car paint. House painting and whatever class of painting you would imagine. Moreover, Robots are well programmed to carry out their duties very well.

Future of Art

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