Qatar, The FIFA World Cup, and Colors.


Qatar Flag

The 2022 World Cup just kicked off with two matches already played today. Host Country Qatar kicked off the play against Ecuador with a deafening loss. England thrashed Iran 6:0 on their first outing. A glamorous start to the long-awaited World Cup. However, what captured our interest more was not the beautiful gameplay or the promise of seeing Lionel Messi of Argentina Play against Saudi Arabia tomorrow. Our interest is in the beautiful display of colors at Qatar 2022. This Company should be interested in Colors because that is what we do.


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Qatar The World cup and Colors.

The State of Qatar can be addressed as a two-color-themed country. When you look at the flag of Qatar you see the proud royal red and the crystal white. read a little about Qatar\’s color history (here). The red color is associated with stimulation and pleasure in terms of Interior design. The Aesthetically beautiful way that these colors are professionally blended at all stadiums and pathways that leads to every footballing center in the country. Especially the popular Al Bayt stadium.

The World Cup and Colors


The 2022 FIFA competition has four basic color themes. This Color themes form the bases of all designs and artistic creations. everything concerning colors is done on the grounds of the competition. Aside from the team jerseys which are designed to suit each team\’s national flag. The four basic color themes for this year\’s world cup are; Ocean Boat Blue (HEX 1077C3, RGB 16 119 165, CMYK 0.917, 0.389, 0, 0.235).

Picton Blue (HEX #49BCE3, RGB: (73, 188, 227), CMYK: 0.678, 0.171, 0, 0.109.

Mikado Yellow Hex: #FEC310 RGB: (254, 195, 16) CMYK: 0, 0.232, 0.937, 0.003.  

Dark Scarlet Hex: #56042C, RGB: (86, 4, 44) CMYK: 0, 0.953, 0.488, 0.662.

This Variation in color themes makes the Aesthetic setting of the world cup beautiful. you can read up the intrigues of Interior design here

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