What you need to know before Purchasing Titanium Di Oxide

A lot of our readers have asked for an in-depth analysis of some of the chemicals/components used in the Paint Manufacturing field. Today we decided to do a little exposition on Titanium Dioxide. And what you need to know before purchasing one. (if you have more chemicals that you would love us to talk about feel free to drop a mail with us @ showersfoundationofficial@gmail.com).

What is Titanium Dioxide?

Titanium Di Oxide is a Powder form white pigment that is used for a wide range of industrial production and manufacture. It is used in cosmetics and Paints. It aids and improves white opacity in paints. Mostly in industries Titanium dioxide is used to increase paint coverage. And is especially the chemical of choice when producing white color high-quality paints like Emulsion, Screeding bonds, Satin Paints, and more.

What are the different types of Titanium Di Oxide?

There are four known types of this chemical industrially available for use. The four types include Kronos, Russia 220, Russia 280, Sum Titan, and China-High Q.


Titanium is not found in Nature in a Usable form the raw form. They are processed industrially to bring about usable TiO2. One of the raw materials of TiO2 production is rutile beach sand. Kronos is a brand that uses Chloride and Sulfate production processes to accomplish this.

Russia 220:

This brand of Titanium is the x220 and is supplied mainly by Russian distributors. This is the same as the 280. With one just having a slight edge over the other.

The other types of tiO2 include the sum titan and the China Hq both produced by China.

Purchasing TiO2:

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Titanium Di Oxide (China)

(Russia 280)

(Russia 220)


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