Color Pigment Paste in Paint Production


In our Previous post, we talked about Iron Oxides as coloring agents in Paint Production. If you did not follow up you can read it here. Oxides are mostly in powdered form but paste is liquid-like in nature. Color pigment pastes are used in Paint production as color additives.

What are Color Pigment Pastes in Pharmaceuticals?

Pharmacology actively defines Pastes as a fatty base with at least 25% solid component e.g Zinc Oxide. This gives them a semi-solid appearance in nature. They are chemically synthesized. There are medical drugs that come in such forms, however, the paste we are talking about today is specifically for the manufacture of paints. But by understanding the form they carry our readers may be able to picture what it looks like.

What is the use of Color Paste Pigments in Paint Production?

As we indicated above in the first paragraph Paste pigments are coloring agents, They come in different colors ranging from all colors on the primary color wheel Red, Green, and blue down to more complex secondary colors like brown. They are penultimate additives to paint manufacture and their work is to Change the color to the desired color. Mostly this is gotten by experienced mixing of two or more pigment pastes.

Where Can these Color Paste Pigments be Purchased?

In addition to selling a lot of other chemicals and additives used in paint production. The showers Paint Shop section also lists pigment paste for sale at the best prices possible. Its delivery services are top-notch as well and orders are delivered within three days of purchase.

Ion Color Pigments

This Pigment is not the same as the color pigment paste mentioned above. Although they both function as dyes, their points of action are different. Ion Color, pigments are used for hair coloring and sometimes Bacalauree saree coloring. Color pigment pastes are different they are more like paint dyes.

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