How The Friday Jobs report would affect Stocks

The Friday Job report is a report on how the Jobs/employment has improved or declined. Usually done on the first Friday of the next month, highlighting the activities of the previous month. Ahead of the release, analysts are predicting that it would show a decline in jobs in November.

However, the November job report showed up a little better than expected contrary to the expectation of the professionals and their analysis. it is also worthy of note that the recent layoffs in the tech industry and its issues have still not been able to dim the November jobs report.

As stated by, The US economy added over 263000 jobs in the month of November, and the jobless or unemployment rate at 3.7%. Exactly the opposite of professional analysis. This goes to showw that the uS president Biden has been effective in job creation in his tenure. as regards the stock market, it would receive a boost following this report.

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