Shopping on Amazon has gotten worse and Here\’s why


Users who buy stuff online would always prefer to avoid ads no matter what, to be able to buy online. In a recent study by Edelman, he stated that three out of four buyers would avoid ads. 47% admitted that they changed their media habits to prevent ads and the remaining percentage used ad blockers. Shopping or buying on Amazon has become a nightmare for online buyers. This is due to the high number of ads on amazon stores. Causing irritation and dissatisfaction to potential buyers.

There are a high number of online buyers due to the festive season and also an increasing percentage of people who are beginning to boycott the popular amazon website. When asked through a recent survey what type of ad annoys them the most, 80% of the users choose pop-up ads. Most of these types of ads are popular with the amazon platform. That is why we have taken the time to sanitize our shop space and allow for an improved user experience.

Is Buying Paints Online Possible?

Yes, perfectly possible, there are a lot of platforms and companies where you can pre-book paints on the company website and then go to the physical address and pick up your order. There are also companies where you can book online and get your order pre-delivered to you at your desired location. Fortunately companies like ours that is poised to keep customer relationship before the customer buys and even after the trade has been completed. We have our websites where people can buy from and have their order delivered to them, through DHL if outside the country and through other delivery modes if within the country. There are other things you can buy off the showers\’ paint website. Things like chemicals for paint production.

Steam cards and Gifts cards:

Steam cards are redeemable tokens that can be worth up to 500$ for one steam card, these can also be bought online and at different stores including amazon, unfortunately, we don\’t have steam cards on this website yet.

Other local stores guilty of the ad plunge

Jumia and Jiji are two other giants in the E-commerce industry, E-commerce refers to electronic buying and selling. Right here in Nigeria, the two mentioned companies are the major giants but still they have the same problem as Amazon. They have way too many ads, giving users a not-so-beautiful experience and pushing them to either leave the site or use ad-blockers.

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