Interior Design Secrets for Rooms and Living Rooms


The concept of design is not alien to our culture. Right from ancient times, our fathers have always infused design into every little thing they did. Marks on the wall, diagrammatic representations, and more were concepts of design in those days, and they all had one single aim to achieve Aesthetic beauty.

The Modern Concept of Design

The modern concept of interior design favors the use of mono chromatic layers. This simply means that, the modern concept of design is in using one light color, say white or grey to form a base layer for the design and then gradually infuse geometric shapes at the right place and time.

The Secrets You need to know

You see many people attribute interior design to flamboyance and luxury. Well actual interior design can be simple, in fact the best form of interior design are the simple yet classy one. we spoke about monochromatic use in this work. using one base color instead of multiple color codes is far better. one a mono chromatic color layer gives a simple yet classy surrounding and also has a cooling effect on the brain.

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