Why You Need A Proper Satin Finish (Showers T-grade).

Why would we advise satin paint finish? in our previous post, we highlighted the importance of house owners conforming to the recent wave of modernity. Both in architectural designs and in-house painting. The class that comes with modernity is non-negotiable and oddly satisfying. We however prefer to advise potential buyers on what brings maximum satisfaction to house setup.

The Satin Finish

Readers and Potential users have to first understand what the satin finish represents. The word may be bogus to a layman but we would do our best to break down the meaning into understandable parts. In the area of Paint Classification, there are four basic classifications of paint according to sheen level and reflectiveness. There is the Matt finish, The eggshell, The satin, and Gloss. in ascending order of reflectiveness we have the Matt finish, The eggshell, and then the satin finish. The gloss finish is the highest refractive among the four categories. A satin finish can appear both glossy and flat and can be cleaned to remove dust/dirt.

Are Satin Paint Prices affordable in Nigeria?

Satin paint price in Nigeria is easily affordable, and although there are a lot of companies spread around the country that would make pricing extensively competitive the price of satin in Nigeria still remains within the spheres of affordability. The price ranges from 19000 Nigerian Naira to around 40,000 Nigerian Naira, Per 20 liters. There are a lot of places to buy and make orders but most times the quality of the product delivered becomes debatable. But buying from a trusted plug or manufacturer makes quality assured.

Why do you need a satin paint Finish?

Class never gets old, satin is one of the major classy paint coverages in the world. it keeps the interior reflective and shining. Unlike regular emulsion paints and oils. the satin finish is durable and shows more quality than the rest. Its only pitfall is that if the walls are not screeded properly satin gets to show off the imperfections.

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